Thursday, November 20, 2008

You Gotta Love Berube

Craig Berube, former Flyers forward and current assistant coach, thinks that part of the reason why you see so many dangerous hits these days is because players have stopped policing themselves because the league no longer allows it. He recalls a day when it only took a few words to the other team's best player to stop aggressive players from making dangerous hits.

"What happened was they had this guy who was running around toward the end of the game, just taking runs at our guys and trying to hurt them," he said. "I didn't say a word to that guy. But I went up to their best guy and said, 'You see that guy. If he hurts someone on my team, I'm coming after you. It's not him that's going to pay the price. It will be you. So you better calm him the heck down.' That's all I said. The next game we played them, the guy that was running around spent most of the warmups apologizing to us. That's the way we handled things. If a player on the other team did something to deliberately hurt someone or take a shot at someone's head, there was a price to pay. We policed ourselves."

I just love how the Flyer mentality is so evident here. You don't like what the other team is doing? Threaten their best player. I'd sure love to see that type of mentality return to the game.


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