Sunday, June 7, 2009

Waaa We Lose Lets Hurt People

Seriously, is there a more chicken team than Pittsburgh in the league? Down five nothing and Crosby and Talbot slash the two best players on Detroit?!? HOW ARE THEY GETTING AWAY WITH THIS STUFF? A two minute minor is not going to discourage them from bringing this crap to the table again. I hate the NHL's front office. They are doing a poor job of officiating evenly and fairly, and somebody is going to get seriously hurt, and it's going to be a Red Wing. They need to grow some backbone and send a message to the league that goonery when you're losing will not be tolerated. Crosby intentionally slashed Zetterberg away from the play, and Talbot intentionally slashed an injured Datsyuk. What purpose does that serve other than trying to knock them out of the playoffs? They should both be suspended for their actions and it's ridiculous that they continue to get away with slaps on the wrist. I'm getting so sick of the NHL.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You Have Got to be Kidding Me

Ray Emery? Really? This is who you choose to sign when goalies like Nikolai Khabibulin and Jean-Sebastian Gigure will be available. The guy is a team cancer, with a terrible work ethic and couldn't cut it in a city with low expectations... just how do you think he's going to cut it in Philly where there will be a lot of pressure and no veteran leadership. This is just another chapter of the Flyers front office failing to address our greatest needs properly. We need a goalie that is consistent. Emery is anything but. He's going to flop in Philadelphia, and if we rely on this guy, we're just going to keep exiting the playoffs early while Pittsburgh continues to go to Stanley Cup finals. Seriously, how could Holmgren decide that Emery is the answer. Ridiculous.

Monday, June 1, 2009

NHL Double Standards: Part Two

This is absolutely ridiculous. The NHL rules state that if you get an instigator penalty in the last five minutes of a game, you are automatically suspended for the next game. Apparently there is some fine print that says "unless your one of Pittsburgh's stars". In game two of the Stanley Cup Finals, Evgeni Malkin started a fight with Henrik Zetterberg with about 15 seconds left in the game after Maxime Talbot took a vicious stab at Detroit goalie Chris Osgood. Malkin was given 5 for fighting, a 10 minute misconduct and a 2 minute instigator penalty. Minutes after the game was over, the NHL issued a statement saying that they weren't suspending Malkin for game 3. GROW A BACKBONE NHL. YOU CANNOT LET YOUR STARS RUN AROUND LIKE THEY ARE ABOVE THE RULES. It really sickens me to see the double standards that exist and really makes me want to stop watching hockey altogether. The more I see this, the less I feel that teams are treated fairly by the league brass.