Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Banners and Such for Your Blog

So I dunno if you guys like the photoshop job I did for my banner (I'm kinda partial to it) but I enjoy playing around with photoshop, and if you would like me to make something for your blog, I would be happy to help. I would need you to send me the pictures you want me to use and a description of what you want. So yea, let me know if you're interested.

Monday, June 23, 2008

R.I.P. George Carlin

So sad to see you go, thanks for making us laugh for the past few decades.

The Owners of the Country (NSFW)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Malkin Back to Russia?

TSN reports that a Russian Super League team has offered Evgeni Malkin an untaxed $12.5 million contract (the equivalent of a $15 million contract in the NHL) to leave the Penguins and come back to Russia to play. The funny thing is that Gary Bettman is complaining that Malkin is under contract and new offers shouldn't be allowed to be made to him until the expiration of his current contract. Wait a second Gary, didn't the Penguins steal Malkin away from his Russian team when he still had a year left on his contract there? I wouldn't expect you to remember that though because you do live in your own little world. I suggest the NHL offers the Russian team Cindy, Malkin and Bettman for nothing and call it even. That way everyone wins, the NHL gets a new commish (maybe one that hasn't ruined the game) and all the fans get to stop putting up with all the worship that is lauded on the shoulders of Crosby and Malkin. Bettman is happy because he gets to see his vision fulfilled: a league that worships the ground that he and Crosby walk on. I see no reason not to make this happen... for the love of god get it done!

Friday, June 20, 2008

2008 NHL Entry Draft Update

The Flyers traded R.J. Umberger and a fourth round draft pick to Columbus for their first and third round draft choices. What a steal for the Flyers. I loved Umberger, but the rest of the league has him over-valued. This will also help pave the way for Claude Giroux to make the team next year. So thank you R.J. for your service to the Flyers, you always gave it your all, it's only fitting that your trade will further benefit the Flyers. We'll miss you though.

The Flyers ended up drafting defenseman Luca Sbisa who played for Lethbridge of the WHL. Versus compared him to Thomas Kaberle, who was a defenseman the Flyers have tried to acquire several times over the years, so they finally got their guy...

In a continuing mission to upgrade their blue-line, the Flyers shipped their second first round choice to Washington for defenseman Steve Eminger. That is the second defenseman they have traded for this offseason, so the Flyers should have a very different look in their top six come October.

Also, what do you think of the new banner for the site? It's not what I originally wanted, but I think it looks good.

Flyers 2007-2008 Highlight Video

So this is actually a great video of the Flyers 2007-2008 campaign. Kudos to the first person who can tell me what is conspicuously absent from the video.

Rule Changes for the 2008-2009 Season

The NHL board of governors recently adopted three rule changes for the upcoming 2008-2009 NHL season. The focus of these rule mainly regarded the placement of face-offs following the whistle in certain situations.

The first change is to rule 76.2, which determines the face-off position after a penalty is called. It used to be that when the team about to be penalized touched the puck, the ensuing face-off would take place in the closest face-off circle as long as it wasn't in their offensive zone. The rule now states that the first face-off of a powerplay will take place inside the penalized team's defensive zone, no matter where they touched the puck. I do not like this rule change because I feel like it's extremely unfair to the penalized team. Yes, they did just commit a penalty, but the team going on the powerplay already has enough of an advantage, they don't need one more offensive zone draw. The rule is also not clear on what happens if the touch up is on an icing call. Which face-off takes precedence? The new rule or the icing?

The second rule that was changed dealt with the way icings are handled. For years commentators have talked about how dangerous it is for two players to go racing full tilt for the puck. One of the Minnesota Wild defensemen actually broke his leg on a play like this in March. Rule 81.1 now says that any contact between two players going for an icing is only allowed if they are going for the puck. Any dangerous or unnecessary hits are now subject to penalties. The idea of the no-touch icing was tossed around, but it got no real support. This is a rule I like, it's being put in place to try and protect the players and it shouldn't have that much effect on the flow of the game, which is nice. So I applaud this change to the rulebook.

The final rule that has been changed is 85.5. It used to be that if the attacking team shot the puck and it deflected off the post or crossbar and into the crowd, the ensuing face-off would be moved outside of the zone. However, now if this happens, the face-off will remain inside the zone. I'm not a big fan of this change either. Why should a player be rewarded for missing the net? It's not the defending team's fault that the shooter cannot hit the goalie with his shot, so why should they be punished for that?

Anyways, so there is a quick rundown of the rule changes that we will be seeing next year... any questions?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gary Bettman vs. New York Rangers

So the New York Rangers and Gary Bettman are butting heads over the Rangers' website. The group that owns the Rangers, Madison Square Garden L.P. does not like that the NHL wants to take full control of their website, and I don't blame them. Bettman and the NHL have responded with a threat to remove them from ownership if they don't comply with the NHL on this issue. Bettman has asked a judge to declare that the ownership has breached their contract by challenging the rules of the NHL, while the Garden has said that they will not put up with Bettman's "bullying tactics". MSG ownership took the case to court the day before the NHL began pressing $100,000 a day fines for the Rangers' lack of compliance.

On one hand, I'd love to see the Rangers' ownership forced out because I personally can't stand the Rangers and it's always nice to see a rival go down in flames. On the other hand, I operate under the belief that Bettman knows nothing about managing the NHL and needs to go move to some remote island so the sport can be fixed. So I have to side with the Rangers on this one, Bettman needs to back off. Besides, if Bettman and the NHL win this battle and removes the Rangers ownership, it sets a scary precedent: Comply with all of the NHL's wishes or you're gone. It gives too much power to the NHL to enact new rules and get rid of the people that cross them. Today the Rangers... tomorrow the Flyers? You never know, so I hope Bettman gets his hand slapped by a judge and the Rangers are allowed to continue as normal.

Read the article here.


Well I'm launching my own hockey blog. I'll still post about other sports over at Stu's Eye, but I wanted my own separate hockey blog. So from now on, to talk hockey with me, slide on over here. Anyways, I have a few articles in the works that I'm hoping to get out this weekend, so look for something new soon.